Create your story.

Create from where you are, with what you already have, and what you can add to be in harmony with what your heart desires.

Following your inner guidance is following the path to your dreams that your heart once had.

When you create your own story, you reclaim your power and move beyond the limitations others have set for you; all those genetic and behavioral patterns you decided to take on for many reasons. Some knowingly, others not.

When you create your own story, you enter in a relationship with your higher self.

I like to tell my clients that we are all here for our own evolution, only our own, therefore, we are all here to live our own experiences for our own growth. Friends and family members and all the people we meet, help us to define ourselves by learning and becoming more. Many times, it even helped parents to let go when children are growing up and going on to live their own lives.

When you create your own story, you can set the new parameters and renew your belief system. It might be hard work to create your own story instead of just following the steps of someone else’s. Breaking habits and patterns is work in progress.

You can start by looking at your life with a different perspective. Look where you are and what you like and dislike, and look at the reasons for each. Is it aligned with who you are today, or was it with who you were many years ago?

Look with the intention to bring out the best of your likes and dislikes, because let’s not forget that it once served its purpose and might have been great lessons for you. You are who you are today because of what you have lived, learned and accomplished. It is your strength.

From this and from today, you can take this inventory, clear some things that no longer serves your highest good and move forward into your own creation.

Creating your own story is a soul searching; it is looking into what is and what you could be adding to it.

Express yourself, use your creativity and use your inner guidance and wisdom.

Setting goals for your future is creating harmony with what your heart desires.

Nathalie 🙂



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