Being flexible to grow.

Very often, it is easy to take control so things can be done and said how it was projected.

For someone who likes things done… yesterday… being patient might not be the strongest point.

Being patient requires to be open and to take the time to take the time. Being patient requires to be flexible.

You can succeed into bringing a project to its deadline or finishing a task, but is your state of mind and peace of mind also a success?  Did you remain flexible enough, so you were able to relax and breathe in… and out…  all along and enjoy the whole process and not only the result?

Being flexible means to be open to receive and see from a different perspective.

Being flexible means to accept that it might go differently and might require you to adapt to what is, a new direction, a new idea.

Breathing and relaxing is when you take the time to enjoy what is; you take the time to remain aligned and be yourself, even if circumstances are unexpected.

Breathing in and out, slowing down, not slowing the project, but slowing your Ego to take charge of a situation is also being flexible.

Adapting to situation with an open-mind always help hearing the inner guidance to bring anything towards the success it was meant to become.

Listening to your inner guidance might require some flexibility as it might ask you to open yourself to adapt to something you are not use to, or make some changes to what was already on its way… so it can be even better.

Adapting to others and to their way of being is accepting their uniqueness and who they are and what they bring to a situation which will probably lead you towards a better relationship or partnership.

Being flexible with yourself is as important as well. Awareness and growth come from flexibility and adaptation.

Look at the flowers and the trees; they remain what they are and become what they are by being flexible to their environment.

Nathalie 🙂



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