Any type of help you may receive is temporary.

Help is to move forward.

Help is to see something. Help is to see differently.

Help is to hear something. Help is to hear differently.

Help is what is needed while you can learn from yourself.

Help can bring an awareness to what you can reach or what you already have to keep going.

Help is that little or big thing that can help you make the necessary changes.

Help is the temporary phase while you learn to go with the flow and trust.

Help is that temporary state you find yourself in, while you work on making something good permanent.

You can help or receive help… which will always be temporary because it is only up to the receiver to make it permanent.

It does not matter how long it might take and it does not matter how often you will need help along the way, as long as you look for the signs in that help. Each time you receive help, there is a sign of something that needs your attention.

It is okay to receive help and there is not such thing as a limit to be helped as each time there is something different coming with it, and each time there is a new awareness coming with it.

The person you are helping may not seem to be moving forward, but their mind, their awareness and who they are when you help them is not the same as they were the day before. There is always some unseen movement going on.

When you are receiving help, same goes for you.

Help is there for you to breathe a little, but it is only you that can breathe for yourself on the long run.

Help is like that branch where you can stand on for a little while until you fly again or learn to fly.

There is nothing wrong with going from branch to branch until you can fly with confidence. Yet, you may have to trust yourself to see here and there if you can fly or if you are scared to fly.

You can help someone temporarily, but it is up to them to make it permanent.

You can receive help temporarily, but it is up to you to make it permanent.

… until you may need help for something else, for another situation, another flying lesson.

Nathalie 🙂



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