Changing the possible outcome.

There stands your free will. You can create your own path therefore you can change an outcome you do not wish to experience.

Through challenges and life lessons, you can decide from the moment you are aware of something, that you prefer a different continuation or a different ending.

This can be applied to everything… card reading outcome and daily life situation.

Whatever the possible outcome is, you can ask what could be a better possible outcome if you work at something or if you willingly change a perception listening to your inner voice to help you do this.

Yes, some outcomes do not seem to be changeable and those are part of the life lesson that either is something you are very stubborn about or it is a step towards the next one… and from that, there is the option to work at it or not… and from that choice… a new possible outcome.

In your everyday life you can change the outcome with all the choices you make, either the street you will take to work, or the shoes you will wear, or the restaurant you will eat at, or the food you will get at the grocery store, or… the words you will say or not say to someone. Those simple daily choices shape the outcome. Those may seem simple and easy ones… because you are used to do it.

When it comes to more difficult choices and your emotions and your willingness, it might be another story… although they shape the same way the outcome to be.

When there is something you really do not like, you can correct course it and change the outcome.

When there is something you really do not like, you can choose to work at what you do not like, and it will automatically change the outcome… as outcome are always “possible outcomes”.

Nathalie 🙂



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