Faith it, until you make it!

You certainly heard this very popular sentence “Fake it until you make it!” … well… I personally believe the real meaning of this “fake it” part is actually having faith it will happen, believing it can happen, pretending it is happening or will happen soon if you keep your beliefs and thoughts into it…  which is the definition of faith… so a while ago I changed it for “Faith it until you make it!” every time I hear it.

Faith is not a religious concept… it is a definition of trusting a certain unknown.

You have faith in the Chef at the restaurant back in the kitchen. The kitchen you do not see when you place your order and what he has been doing before you receive your plate.

Yes, you might have given the list of all your allergies or what your likes or dislikes, or you might have simply taken straight what was on the menu as is… and you might even have ordered something you do not really feel like eating… and you will receive what was asked… more or less. You might receive something you will not like… knowing in advance you might receive something you might not like.

You have faith in the dentist with your mouth open not seeing what is happening and which tool is being taken until all is over.

Yes, you might be scared but you still sit there until it is done, opening your mouth on request and listening to other actions you might have to do while sitting there.

You have faith in the surgeon that will be performing the surgery on you or on someone else.

Yes again, you might be scared and anxious yet, you will let the surgeon do its job for which he is qualified to do.

I can go on and on with such a list… but I am sure you get the idea.

Faith is trusting.  Faith is believing.

Faith have nothing to do with religion, yet, when it comes to your personal beliefs, whatever they are and whatever religious or non-religious practice you have, you might question the word, you might try to change the word for a synonym… maybe afraid to be misunderstood or misjudged or judge.

I went from Faith it until you make it… to… your interpretation of the word faith… because once you will have accept your definition of it, and once you will have understood the real meaning of it… you will be able to start faking it until you make it because you will have started to faithing it until you make it.

Nathalie 🙂



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