New or renewed energy

Have you ever experienced a new energy shift, like the one you feel when you start a project, or relation, or work… later in the course of it?

That new energy shift is often seen after a breakdown of energy, a rough period, or a stagnant period… when once renewed can make you feel like in the beginning but more like “it’s a done deal” energy; like a “Yes, it is all good from here”.

Such feeling can be very exciting and very liberating.

It is a shift you can feel when “you get out of your own way” as a breakdown of energy, a rough period or negativity from a stagnant period are all things telling you that you are the one in your own way of moving forward. It is not wrong as you always learn through this.

Listening to your inner guidance will help you get out of it and do the inspired actions you are called to do… and get out of your own way.

Sometimes those actions might seem a little off or contrary to where you aim to go… but trust your intuition and trust your inner guidance. Remember we are all tools for one another and there is a reason for everything.

Following such a phase, once you got out of your own way and let the Universe show you different, it is a renewed energy shift phase that you might enter and feel. One that can make you feel excited again but a more satisfied excitement than the one in the beginning… a wiser excitement because you might see a little more the connection and where it is going. You might even start seeing the whole picture and (or) the finish line.

It will also show you that you can trust your intuition to lead the way. Be wise enough to listen to see how and when you can trust yourself and your intuition to be true. Learn from it.

When you get of your own way and enter a new or renewed energy phase, you might notice that it is also a call for de-cluttering your life… which is how you can get off your own way actually.  Take the time to connect yourself to your inner guidance, to your Source to do a proper de-cluttering. And remember to do that often…  when you feel you need an energy shift.

A renewed energy shift is like leveling up or moving forward on your life path.

Nathalie 🙂



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