Trusting issues

How long can this life lesson take to master it?

“Stop worrying about where it will be coming from… the Universe will guide you to what you need”.

Easier said than done… mostly if you have been “conditioned” to control your environment to survive or to ease your way.

This can become a great challenging life lesson.

Have you ever experienced a situation where you think you have it and all is good… until life brings you to a place, a state, where you might feel like screaming: “Houston, we have a problem!”?

When you have no major challenging situations, it might be easy to go with the flow trusting what will come your way.

When you have some sort of support, no matter what kind of support you can think of here… it can feel like a safety net… and no matter how tough it can become, that safety net is there… you know it in the back of your mind.

But when there is no known safety net and you find yourself in a new situation… because old similar ones might bring you some possible insights… so when you find yourself in a new situation… with no safety net… you are facing all of your trusting issues.

Stop worrying… well… of course following your inner guidance can help with that… if you really have learned to find your happy places and if you have learned to center yourself.

Stop worrying where it will be coming from… well… yes, if you have learned to let go of controlling how this goes and how things should be going.

The Universe will guide you… well… depending on your spiritual development and beliefs, no matter what your beliefs are… it is about trusting that you are not alone and that you are divinely protected. Have you learned to listen to your inner guidance and your inner voice… not the Ego helping you worry but the inner voice telling you that all will be okay? That is your spiritual development right here.

The Universe will guide you to what you need… might be the hardest part as all your life you were maybe conditioned to somehow know and control your needs in some ways, or someone might have done this for you.

Those needs might have not always been real needs, some might have been Ego based needs. So, trusting the Universe to guide you to what you need… you might end up with some lack issues… because you may find yourself in situation where you normally had something or were doing a certain way and that “need” is now not met, so it might feed your trusting issues with the Universe providing what you need.

It might also bring confusion with beliefs about having all that you want and desire but not having it. There is a beautiful life lesson here about why you want something… to feed your Ego of to feed your heart? It does not mean you cannot have it all… it means look at where the desire is coming from.

All that comes from the heart… the Universe will guide you to it. Trust.

Stop worrying about where it will be coming from… the Universe will guide you to what you need.

Nathalie 🙂



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