Practicing… who you are

Once you are in harmony with who you are… life might bring you challenges to work on your confidence. It is sometimes easier to be confident when you are alone… with others and with loved ones, it might become a challenge to overcome. Like an upper level of that life lesson to master it.

Have you even experienced a situation when you knew what you wanted and you were sure about it… when you knew who you were… and when confronted or surrounded by others, you started having doubts about it.. or you might have felt that is was okay to suddenly compromise what you have worked so hard to achieve… harmony with who you are… because that confidence was fragile?

Not only life, or the Universe, will help you reach that perfect harmony and that authentic place… but it will make sure that you are true to yourself by allowing some situations to take place… so that you really learn more about it; to allow you to not only feel it once a while but always… no matter the outside conditions.

Once you are in harmony with who you are and confident with who you are… you might encounter many ways to express it… either trough your creativity, through your work, through all that you do and all that you say. Expressing your authenticity should be seen in all that you do.

If you were living alone on a desert island… keeping that harmony and confidence would be very easy… therefore less of a life lesson to learn. Not that all life lessons must be hard to learn but they come in many steps or level.

This could explain why sometimes you think you got it all together and all figured out to find yourself feeling a few steps back… again. In fact, you have not taken any steps back, you are simply reaching a higher level of awareness… the one where all your new skills and new knowledge that created that harmony and confidence about your authentic you that you have reached… needs to be solidified. If you have not experienced it yet, try to keep it in mind.

While “practicing” this… remain true to yourself and keep your true North in keeping your connection with your inner guidance. Share who you are and be happy about it.

When you aligned with your uniqueness, you can co-create miracles.

When you aligned with your uniqueness, you inspire others.

Do not keep your uniqueness hidden. Show your uniqueness.

Nathalie 🙂



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