Prince charming

How many wishes for a prince charming to show up at their door?

How many wishes to be swept off their feet by that prince charming?

How many have a written or mental list of how he should be and look like and act like?

Oh wait… prince charming… let’s add princess as well… since it is a human and not a gender issue.

Here is one question… how is your own list? How is the list of you showing up at his door? How goes your list of you sweeping his heart off his body? How is your own list of how you should be, you should look like and you should act? Do you have one? Is it created from your Ego or your heart?

That prince charming will show up… when you are ready for him. It is as simple as this and yet as complicated.

That prince charming will show up when you are ready to share your love and give him love. Real love… from your heart, not Ego based.

You might think that you have nothing to offer and you might feel empty or you cannot love… or you cannot give… so you might be looking for that prince charming to come knocking at your door offering you all you think you lack of.

You do not lack of anything… you simply misplaced it in the Prince Charming file.

Look into your mind and open it and see for yourself… see all there is in that file… see all you would like that prince charming to have, to be, to do… and now open your heart to see that you already have all that. Yes, it might be buried under something else or invisible to your eyes so stop, breathe (twice) and connect with your inner light so you can see in yourself with your heart’s eyes… through your heart… that you already have it all. You simply have to offer it and be ready to offer it… no conditions, no list.

Look at what you have to offer to that prince charming you long for. It is not about being perfect… it is about “being” from your heart. It is not about being breath taking beautiful, it is about being beautiful from your heart.  It is not about doing the right thing, it is about doing the things from your heart and inspirations.

You think you have found a prince charming that does not seem like one anymore… Hm! How about looking again from your heart? Yes, you might want to switch your life story therefore your prince charming with it… just use this to be ready.

There are a lot of cute and nice assertive quotes and  posts about women wanting something clear and being firm about what they look for, and I have seen many clients asking when they will meet the right man… because from their experiences they now knew what they wanted and taught they were ready. Well… when you will have something genuine to offer him; when you will have pure love to offer him; when you will have your authentic you to offer him…. look up. It is not about the perfect set up… it is about the right love.

Sometimes it is done unconsciously… you found him… just continue to grow together and through each other.

When it does not come and you cannot find why… it is simply the Universe showing you that you still have something inside of you that is not clear, and something inside of you that needs fine tuning… for your own well-being and also to be a match to your prince charming that might go through similar situations and learning.

When you feel like all you want to do is offering genuine Love in all its forms to the love one… your prince charming will be right there in front of you… he might already be.

Nathalie 🙂

P.s.: That amazing photo was taken by my own Prince Charming. When one of my daughter saw it she immediately saw the Prince charming story line in it so I thought it was the perfect article to go with it.



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