Do you sometimes find it hard to see beauty around you… from maybe going through a difficult time… or from worrying too much?

Have you ever experienced a situation where you seemed to be so busy figuring out everything that you had no time to rest and look around?

There is always… always… always something beautiful in front of you. Your focus or your viewpoint might alter your perception and block you from seeing it. Your Ego might keep you so busy with everything… to the point where it seems impossible to find something beautiful unless it stands out like a magic tree.

Where is your focus?

Even in the middle of nowhere, there is something beautiful… when you take the time to see it.

You might not see the beauty the way you use to… or you might not see it… period.

Be like a child… again… be amazed by the little things… and the big things… that catch your attention. When it does, take the time to appreciate it and see the beauty in it.

The more you will practice this the easier it will become to see beautiful things all around you… always.

Nathalie 🙂



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