Keep your goal in sight

On your journey… on your daily living… many things and thoughts will be part of your goal’s achievement and at some point, or sometimes, you might not be aware they are anymore.

Although your journey requires flexibility and some changes once a while to make sure your goal is as clean and as clear as you wish it to be, keep it in sight.

It is always a good thing to look at it from a distant point of view. To look at your original and updated goal from a distance.

It is good to do a short present moment inventory and gratitude of where you are as that will allow you to see with your heart where you are and that you are on your way to its achievement. Not to necessarily see if you are getting closer or not, but to reactivate its happy energy.

Some people might need to do that everyday and it is a very good meditation habit to add to your daily things. Being thankful from an observation point of view about all is related to your goal. It will uplift your energy when you might feel you are losing sight of it, or when you are not sure anymore if your actions are still guiding you in the right direction.

It is also good to notice your new skills from all the experiences leading you to it to be ready for it.

Always keep your goal in sight… might also help you keep your head above water when things get too complicated or seems to be more complicated than they are. It will also help you see over the obstacles you might be facing and only focusing upon.

Head up… look up… keep your goal in sight… from a distance so you can admire it before you get there.

Nathalie 🙂



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