Clear objectives?

Are you clear about your objectives? Are you clear about what your heart aims for?

When you are true to yourself, you can be true to others, but first you have to be true to yourself. In being true to yourself, you can understand your real objectives, not the ones your Ego makes you believe.

Within you and around you, there are all the resources you need to get there, and you learn through life to use them wisely. That is what you learn through challenges and experiences. This is why it is important to be clear about your objectives.

To connect with your inner self and to be wise(r) as you go along your life path enjoying your journey… be clear. Notice how you can enjoy your journey when you follow your heart and are connected. That is how you know you are connected… you can enjoy everything… even the blessing in disguised.

Do you listen to your inner guidance and look for signs showing your that everything is accurate and according to meet those clear objectives, and to meet what your heart aims for?

Sometimes, certain conditions need to be met and that is when you might not know where you are heading and when patience and flexibility are your best tools.  When you are clear… it makes it easier to understand and see that you have all the resources within you… you own them, and you own yourself.

You are your best tool in this beautiful and clear plan of yours. Make sure you listen to your intuition and inspiration to fully enjoy it all… remember you have all the resources you need…. sometimes all is missing is that clarity.

Nathalie 🙂



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