Give yourself some time

How are you with yourself? How are you doing with all the knew knowledge and skills you add to yourself?

Do you allow some time to become… to own this new knowledge… to own those new skills? Or are you impatient to master them maybe in overlooking some steps to do so?

It is important to allow yourself time to bloom.

Giving yourself time to bloom once the seed is planted in your core, in your beliefs, in yourself… is not a calendar time thing and a scheduled time frame growth.

Self-care is a daily task or fun… depending on how you see it. Self-care is a daily care.

Your spiritual awareness is self-care… a daily care.

Enjoying it is part of the learning. Learning to enjoy the “up” side of a sad or less enjoyable something is that daily TLC you do when taking care of yourself to allow blooming to take place in due time.

Your journey is one of self-love through all your challenges and experiences and sharings.

Your journey is always in the present moment… even when you plan and project. Remember this idea of taking care of a plant until it blooms. Sometimes you have to tend to it and other times you have to look at it grow with love while it is being done… and some times you simply adjust its environment to bring it more sun, more oxygen.

The same way, give yourself time to bloom. Give yourself a good environment to bloom. Be patient and enjoy your growth… and every one else’s growth as well.

Nathalie 🙂



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