Your tangible dream

You probably already heard or read about how powerful your thoughts are, and how they are the start of all that you see around you.

Have you ever thought about taking this differently in your daily living, like creating a physical space of something you like or have liked and wish to keep in mind?

To give you an example, in that picture above, there is this little Parisian relaxing type of terrace you can see often in vacations. That little freedom space where you can sip your coffee and daydream or enjoy working everywhere. Well, that space is not only in my vacations dreams… it is in the comfort of my own home as well… so every day, it feels a little like vacations and everyday I can look at something I love without any effort and without my ego interfering in my daydreaming because it is tangible… right there as often as I wish. And to make it all even more beautiful, that little view from the window sometimes looks like the Calanques de Cassis to me. It reminds me of that look from above so this increases the positiveness and joy to it.

I have many souvenirs from my travelling experiences, and that spot is not a souvenir but a daily feeling. It is not something that reminds me of some past vacations, but a place where I feel I am on holidays. Sometimes I sit there to eat or drink my coffee and other times I sit there to work.

One day I followed my inspirations after meditating about my well-being and it was one of those days when we get things inside slowly getting ready for winter and not really knowing where to put that patio set, it felt right to put it there… and it remained there ever since… even when the next summer it was time to bring it back outside, it stayed there because that is my tangible and visible dream… the one working from abroad, working from everywhere.

That well-being feeling coming with it does not have to be imagined or pushed as it is tangible right there.

So yes, first you must create inside what you want to see outside so why not applying this to your daily living habits and space, why not extending this to your physical surrounding.

There are no crazy ideas so go for it and let your inspired actions help you create those dreams you hold dear inside.

Whether it is inside your home or outside where you spend time. Live your dreams now on a daily basis.

Nathalie 🙂



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