Feed your soul

When you are in a transition period, and you might be in an unknown energy or place in your life… you might find your fears are taking over or you might have to fight them more than usual… as the unknown is not the ego’s best friend.

It could be in a simple or a more complex situation, that transition period does not have to be a scary and negative one. Often, that period is when the Universe is designing the next step.

So, when the Universe has your back while in a transition period, take that time to feed your soul.

Feeding your soul mean giving it joy, smile, creativity, happiness, kindness and fun.

Take the time to do things you enjoy. It does not matter if it is a little thing or a bigger project as long as you enjoy it.

Take the time to do things that make you happy. Keep yourself in happy places and yes it can be one happy place after the other one, like a child playing with one toy after the other not forcing the fun but going to the next that will bring new fun and joyful energy.

And… enjoy what you do and are working on. Be grateful for each second.

Feeding your soul is being creative… it is also feeding it with kindness and love and joy.

When you feed your soul and not your ego in a transition period, not only you make your present moment positive, but you also allow yourself to be more receptive to what is coming next.

Nathalie 🙂



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