Walking through

Sometimes, it seems like a survival instinct to go around something or to find other options than the one going through the situation you might find yourself in on your way to your dream.

This is about the obstacles you avoid, the obstacles that lies between you and your dream.

Although it might seem difficult or more difficult, it does not mean you cannot go through it… as you never face something you cannot overcome on the path of your dream, never. Yes, thinking you have to face it alone might be what makes you think it is too big for you.

Have you ever walked on a sandy beach? One where you foot goes deep into the sand making you feel you cannot go as fast… or that you do not have a good grip to push yourself to walk the next step easily?  Sometimes obstacles are like that feeling… the one that makes it harder to go as fast as you would like to, or as easy as you wish it would be… it does not mean it is impossible, it means there is work to be done to go through.

The same way you can build muscle walking on such sandy beach, the same way you build strength going through the obstacles and challenges you face. And you might find new muscles, new strength while at it.

It does not make it impossible; it is building your core and your strength so you can find it easier the next time you might face similar obstacles… so avoiding the obstacles is not serving your best interests as it might only make the next ones harder because you might be more tired, older or with a bigger baggage…or…  

Walk through the obstacles that lies between you and your dream when you face them and ask for your inner warrior to come and help you, support you, give you a push or give you a hand.

Build those muscles!

Nathalie 🙂



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