Accept the changes

Accepting changes to happen and take place is not always an easy task. Some changes are desired, and some are not. Some changes are welcome, and some are not. Some changes are planned, and some are unplanned.

Fear can play a big part in the way you accept those changes. Fear might be what come shaking your ground a little or a lot… making you avoiding the changes or being very resistant to them… which is also avoiding moving forward… often towards your desire or a desire you once sent out to the Universe, and now those changes are sent to help you move towards it.

Accepting changes is not about being bold and courageous although it might help being bold and courageous to accept some of them. Courage you can find within.

There are no perfect conditions except the ones you decided they were… when you take control over something… which again is not always accepting the changes as they come but rather when you “decide” to accept them. Those times, when you control when you “should” accept them or not… might make your life a little harder… since that is pure resistance to changes, therefore, the not-accepting-time period might bring some challenges. Those challenges will come to help you desire this change in your now and will help you “accept” some changes after all. The Universe never lets you down… in its own unique way.

When you find yourself understanding that changes must take place… and when you know which one they are… take the time to notice the signs, the doors opening, and see if your fear is keeping you to step forward with them.

Accept the changes to take place. They are coming from your personal requests once made, therefore, tools and answers for you and your own well-being and your own good.

Nathalie 🙂



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