A positive approach

Sometimes a positive attitude is not the one that fits your energy… but you still can have a positive approach to what is going on. Yes, there is a nuance between both.

You can tell yourself that even if you do not feel it now, or even if you have no idea how to be positive about it,  you know it might be okay… and it is for your own good… and for your own well-being that you might see only further down the road.

Even if this blahblahblah is not what you feel… you certainly know from experience that it is true and (or) possible… so yes you can go in with a positive approach.

It is a key opening doors as you go in with a little less resistance than you would if you would feed the negative only. It will open doors that will allow your energy to shift, to slowly shift… until the positive approach becomes a positive attitude.

A positive approach is a key opening many doors to your well-being.

Enjoy the process!

Nathalie 🙂


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