Creativity and balance

The more you are creative and let your creativity be… the more self-confidence you are and can be. Did you know it was related? It is not the only way… it is an energy way and global balance.

It does not have to be directly related to where you might feel you need self-confidence or more self-confidence… but when you activate your creative energy, either as an artist or in your daily tasks and chores and way to be, you help balancing your sacral chakra, which help your self-value, your self-confidence… your inner passion which is a great energy to feel good and confident.

How can you be more creative in your day and in your life? Take the time to answer that question over the next days. And start observing how your energy shift when you are letting your creativity be.

Enjoy the process!

Have a lovely day!

Nathalie 🙂

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I invite you to read this blog starting with the first article that was published April 8, 2019 and read your way up. Enjoy your reading!




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