Your only obstacle

Your only obstacle is your fear… now… your fear of what? When you take the time to ask yourself what are you afraid of if___ … you will find your fear of what. And from that, you can work it up. Often your fear is what you do not wish to put words to.

Some might say they are not afraid of anything or it is not fear that keeps them from moving forward or towards… but they still do not see how their desires, their goals, their dreams can be achieved. So something is keeping them from doing or moving or saying or…

Yes, of course, it is a plan in progress, but when you face a situation that you see, you know the actions to take, you know the words to say, you understand the reason you do not accept something… ask yourself what is your personal fear behind that not acceptance or that non acting/doing… believing it can be real. There lay your personal work… for which you can either ask some help or inner help and guidance to unblock that energy.

Your only obstacle to get to that beautiful whatever is for you… is your fear.

Enjoy the process of asking yourself every time… what is it you might be afraid of… and look within… listen to your inner being for the answer. Do not let your ego telling you it is not within you but outside of you.

Have a lovely day!

Nathalie 🙂

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I invite you to read this blog from the first article that was written April 8, 2019 and read your way up. Enjoy the journey!




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