You are never really lost

When you feel you are not sure where you are heading…you are not lost… you might on the other hand not go where you thought you were heading before you were aware of what you desire.

The only reason you are feeling in the unknown is because you might not be aligned with your desire…. or your updated desire.

When you connect within with your highest self, you find the strength to stay on route and you find the strength to stay on the best path for you… as your inner compass is always guiding you for your best interest and is always showing you the easiest way to get somewhere or to something, and yes, it will redirect you once a while giving you the inner strength to step back on that easiest path or through the more bumpy one.

The courage and the strength from your inner powers will show you how magical everything is and how everything is at the right place, so you can also master your life lessons you came to learn.

Nathalie 🙂



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