Your collaboration

When it comes to creating your life, your dreams or your success… you can collaborate with others and you can collaborate with the Universe.

When you feel and hear and know your Divine plan… do not forget to collaborate with the Universe so you can co-create for the greater good opening yourself to hear your inspired actions towards a great success. The inspired actions you can hear and follow are the ones designed for you and according to all that was asked, spoken and unspoken, known and hidden as sometimes the ego thoughts and point of view can block some of the known part.

Your Divine and amazing personal plan is always a joyful one, remember that, and keeping yourself aligned will ease your way helping you to follow your intuition in order to always help others where it is needed. The inspired actions you received are not only for you even if you follow your own plan and path, because they are also responding to others that might be involved in that part of your life path. Although sometimes you might have imagined something different for others… they also have their personal life lessons.

Enjoy the process.

Nathalie 🙂



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I invite you to start reading this blog with the first article that was published April 8, 2019 and you can read your way up. Enjoy your reading.




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