The courage to self-love

Self-love will give you courage, and courage will help you attain self-love.

So, whether you need one or the other, you know working on one will help improve the other. Both can be found within… which is the beauty of these two together.

Accepting who you are and all that you are the way you are takes courage because it “forces” you to see yourself with this unconditional love. And, loving unconditionally is loving with this divine love, no matter what your beliefs are. It is allowing yourself to expand and move and experience and grow.

Sometimes it takes courage to move forward and to go through some experiences… and when you know it is for your own good and your greatest good, you might find the courage naturally coming to you.

Take the time to see if you put conditions in loving yourself and who you are the way you are… now.

Do not let your ego making you believe you might have made bad choices or taken detours because you actually learned and created from those… or are still creating from them.  So, all your choices are part of your journey and it is important that you do not let your ego making you believe you would be better differently, so you are not worth loving… or not worth loving yet.

Loving yourself unconditionally will bring balance into your energy. When you find that unlimited self-love, take the time to observe how your perception will shift.

Nathalie 🙂



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