Wake up

Are you still waiting for the weekend to live? Are you waiting for “the after” to do what you like and change some things… like you were maybe waiting for weekends or retirement?

You are given a major universal opportunity to change without the guilt of taking the time to do so, without the guilt of enjoying the time it takes to plan the changes or what you would have loved to do instead… if you had more time to work on it… from and with what you have… one step at a time.

What are you doing with your time, what are you doing with your now?

It might have been hard or fun, depends on you, to suddenly be in some sort of confinement, as the definition of confinement differs from one person to another depending of their surroundings and lifestyle, but while you must “wait”, using that time wisely is your responsibility…. unless you are still waiting for the weekends and for the vacations to live your life, to get on with your projects, to enjoy your me-time, to clean or whatever you were waiting to do.

For the ones that are not in the same type of confinement going to work in another confinement space, you are also given an opportunity to observe yourself and start planning in your daydreams the changes you wish for yourself “after”, without waiting for the weekend to dream a little.

I also love how a change of habits helps personal devotion. A devotion is not a vocation. It is a loyalty and a commitment to what you chose to do not only for the thing you do but to keep your well-being, either physical or mental well-being. You have the chance to see what you are devoted to and make the course-correction to be devoted to positive things.

So, are you waiting for the weekend because you made your now your new Monday to Friday norm by going with the flow of your ego not really knowing what to do and waiting for the weekend to arrive again, or are you using this time to step up and make it count?

It will not be like it was because it is still going forward. Make sure you are also going forward.

Nathalie 🙂




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