When you meditate, are you one to spend time sitting there not understanding too much the benefit of doing this? Do you find yourself “fighting” your thoughts coming one after the other one? Have you ever experienced having a conversation with your inner being while in a meditative state?

Those are all kinds of experiences one can have, to name a few, when meditating. All that is part of practicing meditation if I can use the word practice.

The reason to meditate is to connect within. Yes, you can just sit still to relax your mind a little, but that would be more just sitting still to get away of your busy mind for a little while.

Today I felt the desire to share again the intention you can set before you meditate, well, not really before but right at the beginning of your meditation practice, when you sit still and close your eyes, when you start listening to your breathing.

When you meditate… set an intention when you start.

When you do, you will notice that your thoughts wandered less and that you find yourself more straight to the point of what you intended to, and the answers, information and guidance you seek come faster.

If your intention is to quiet your mind, say so. If your intention is to hear guidance about something, say so. If your intention is to know what to do about something, say so. So, you can hear the guidance, answers, inspired actions…

Try both to understand and feel the difference. Meditation with and without setting an intention. Some days you need with and some days without. Get to the point where you communicate with your inner being, your inner Self. Get to the point where you have a conversation because you heard what you needed to hear, and you might have a question following what you heard, or you might want to express your gratitude for what you received.

An intention is when you ask a for specific guidance… (and listen to hear it). It could also be an intention to feel good and relax, not always be solutions oriented.
Have fun and enjoy that precious communication and conversation time with your inner Self.

Have a lovely day!

Nathalie 🙂



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