The powerful courage coming from fear

Have you ever noticed that when you are scared, maybe after the feeding the fearful emotions part coming with fears, you sometimes find yourself with some sort of courage to ask for help or do something?

It might not always seem like “courage” because you might have felt so much fear that you were willing to do whatever necessary… well that comes from a courageous energy pushed from within to overcome your stubbornness of not asking for help or acting.

That Inner powerful courage was there all along, but you were not taping into it. So, to make sure you listen, you were sent what I call a false-fear, one that makes you suddenly anxious or stress on some level, but at the same time, one that makes you know that it was just to spark that courage you needed to act, ask, or do something you ignore and refuse to do. I said false-fear although all fears are false perceptions, but what I meant with this term here, is that those false-fears are not based on any train of thoughts or facts that you had in your mind when they appear.

Each fear is talking to us. Each fear is part of a lesson plan, a personalized one.

And there are those fear-burst moment that are coming from nowhere while you might have been happily sitting or doing something fun, and there it comes sweeping you off your feet, like a fire energy making you get rid of that possible mind thought pattern or situation.

And that fire energy makes it vanish because once you ask or did whatever you were pushing away, you can feel it was just the courage you needed to move.

Isn’t this beautiful?

Take the time today to assess how this apply to your fears. Some fears seem to come with a time to feed them or not choice, and those false-fear burst comes with an instant courage.  Now, realize how that courage was pushed from within, from your Inner Self and Inner guidance. Take the time to feel the difference so you can understand where your courage comes from.

Enjoy the process.

Nathalie 🙂



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