Reading with different glasses

Yesterday during a conversation, I witness someone having limiting beliefs from some teaching received and from reading the Scriptures literally and not spiritually. Beliefs creating blockages. And it was not about changing one’s belief, it was a simple observation of a sudden reaction from something I said that triggered an ego’s reaction of survival; the ego wanting to keep its control over the mind and keep its place in the driver’s seat. So, the topic was changed, but it brought me to dive a little into that on my own, not to see what was wrong but to maybe understand better such reaction because it seemed contradictory to what was said.

So, Scriptures or any spiritual texts are teachings of how to approach our life path and life lessons, the book of life coming from within the writer, from spiritual consciousness. Scriptures were inspired from the Spiritual Self of the writers who received the images or words and put them down into writing making them messengers to help others and not just themselves. Knowing this, it is normal to come with the thought that to understand them as they were inspired, one must read or listen to them with its spiritual mind and not its intellectual mind, which is unfortunately often how they are read therefore taught by many.

Very often, the words of wisdom, the Scriptures or Sacred texts are read, and it is only after that people tend to meditate or pray on them or ask Inner guidance to better understand them, if or when they do. What if people were to do the opposite? Be in a meditative and receptive mode, from a spiritual loving perspective and then read.

I believe that there are as many interpretations as there are readers. I also believe that when we read without our ego-based mind interfering, there are less and less variations of interpretation, but more levels of understandings coming from our personal life path and personal spiritual growth and evolution, or levels of awareness and Self-Realization. This brings the beauty of having a different understanding when reading the same thing later in life as it can take a whole new personal interpretation and meaning.

How do you interpret any words of wisdom? Do you have the same approach as you do when you have Inner conversations, from your spiritual standpoint, or from an intellectual standpoint like you would read any story book?

I love this. I invite you to take the time to reflect on it.

Enjoy the process.

Nathalie 🙂



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