Doing and being

Have you ever felt like not knowing anymore what to do? The feeling where you might not know anymore if there is something else that should be done or if you have done enough? Do you know the feeling of always having to look for the next action? Or the feeling that you have done enough but feel guilty for not doing some more?

Balance is doing and being. Balance is… doing… and… being.

Maybe you feel better with one over the other. Maybe you are someone that feels the need to always do something. Maybe you are someone that feels the need to be something… searching in stillness who you are. Maybe you understand that both are part of a whole, yet… a guilty feeling seems to always be hovering you when you do one or the other.

Balance is both… and needs both actions… as being is also an action.

The over doers might see being as doing nothing and even maybe associate it with laziness or having a head in the sand.

Being is a difficult act for many as it might require ceasing what is normally done and all the ego-oriented actions. Being is an action from within.

When you find yourself out of breath and out of energy… ask yourself if it is not a time to be… a time where being is in order for you to hear the next inspired action and the next step to plan… if not simply recharging your battery.

A balanced life is in doing and being.  Sometimes both actions are in the same time frame and other times they are decades apart. One way or the other… it will need both to feel that balance energy.

The definition of doing and the definition of being is a personal perspective… depending on many factors and depending on the present moment it is happening. Some actions are tiny compare to others, yet they were still the actions that were required and meant as much as huge ones.

Make sure you do not let your ego qualify and quantify them.

Nathalie 🙂



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